Freckle Farm Pony Rides and Petting Zoo

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Pony Rides

The Freckle Farm pony rides will be the most beautiful pony ride your child has ever experienced.  Our family’s ponies are known throughout the southwest for their beauty and their wonderful dispositions.

Safety, professionalism and impeccable animal care, is what makes the Freckle Farm Pony Ride a living merry-go-round of fun.

Safety is priority number one at the Freckle Farm Pony Ride; our saddles are specially made for children and equipped with safety belts, which are always fastened to all riders by our conscience personnel.

At any event insurance is a necessity; this is why we carry a two million dollar insurance policy in addition to all necessary permits and health certificates.  Insuring safety is what the Freckle Farm Pony Ride is all about.

The care and maintenance of our ponies is also of utmost importance to us. Our beautiful ponies are given a resting area so they can take breaks throughout the day with fresh clean water.

The Freckle Farm pony ride carousel is a complete joy for spectators and a wonderfully fun ride for children.  The carousel and surrounding area are kept clean and spotless.

Our pony wranglers at the Freckle Farm Pony Rides are the best trained in the business. Their friendly and informative way will delight you and your family.

The cutest, well dressed ponies and the friendliest pony wranglers make this pony ride an event to remember, a living merry-go-round of fun.

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